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This is song #1 of our 100 Songs Project, “Evangeline”.

Don’t kid yourself
like in the morning
you’ll do something different
that changes everything
where suddenly
so many of your quiet dreams
start coming true
don’t kid yourself like that.

You’re the stuff of meat and bones
and meat and bones change slow.
If your dreams are to come
they’ll come
by letting go.
And letting go means growing
instead of staying put
it means to be your honest self
the one that can
and should.

Just remembered that I dreamed I had a mullet last night, you guys.  Kind of like this :

Not a good look for me. - Evangeline

eject: My story about the film 'Monster House'

I had totally forgotten about these emails until the two tweets above jogged my memory.

This is a story about the nicest thing a non-relative has taken the time to do for one of my children without getting paid for it.

When Salinger was 7 she became plagued with nightmares about the…


Long Term Exposure of Mating Gold Fireflies

Japanese photographer Yuki Karo goes to various places around Maniwa and Okayama Prefectures in Japan and uses long exposure to capture some stunning shots of mating gold fireflies.

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Poetry and acceptance

Ry used to write poetry when he was younger.  That’s not a very manly thing to do in a small town in rural Oklahoma.  It’s one of those things that you have to keep secret and hidden.  As we work more and create more, allowing ourselves to be more vulnerable, those secret and hidden things have been coming back to us, wanting to be seen and not shamed.  And so, poetry.  <3 Ev


why are there embarrassing questions?
must we hide from what they tell?
for fear of one another?
or more, fear of ourselves?
if we are not liked in part,
could we be not loved in whole?
if not beheld in part,
are we foul down to soul?
there is less at stake
to replicate
the mob ordained desires.
yes, yes so much less at stake
than our hidden sacred fires.
but, burn they will
and consume they must.
if not without, 
here I fight to stoke those precious lights
for they would break the fears of men,
illuminate our darkness, 
and expose us all friends.


Happy Birthday, Agnes Martin: The Iconic Painter on Art, Solitude, and the Secret of Happiness


“Doing what you were born to do … That’s the way to be happy.”


Make This Awesome ‘33 Ways to Stay Creative’ List a Part of Your Life
Liz Dwyer posted in Education, Creativity and Lists

This list pops up on the web every few months—the Steampunk group on Facebook is the latest to share. What would happen if most people followed its recommendations instead of just clicking “like”? How would our society change if schools posted these and then operated accordingly? (Caveat for the kids: We’d have to nix “drink coffee”!) Of course the best thing about lists is crossing things off of them, so c’mon, let’s commit to putting some of these suggestions into practice.

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